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Update from committee.


With NO meetings allocated for the coming season the new committee has submitted a strategic business plan to justify racing back at the track this season.  Submitted to CEO John Lewis and to be presented at the next board meeting one can only look forward to a positive outcome. Submissions will be put onto the web site for all members to look at after board evaluate the proposal.


Membership has had a strong increase with over 30 new members introduced into the club already thanks to the hard working committee. Submissions to work for the dole scheme have been implemented thanks to Alan Cronin and after a meeting with the government contractor for our area, are now under investigation. The whole complex has been sprayed for weeds, thanks to Torrens Valley Pest and Weed Control (Steve Martin) at NO cost to the club. A one key operation for the whole complex has been implemented with many hours of fee labour by committeeman Alan Cronin.


The SGR (Greyhounds) lease has been resigned as the 5 year roll over clause was implemented by the Greyhounds. Overseen by Mike Galea; local lawyers consulted at no cost to the club thanks to Mike to secure the best outcome for the club. The track has had a make-over thanks to Barry Forrest and Betty Gilgen with the surrounds and the track in pristine condition at minimal cost. Previous consent to allow vehicles to cross the harness track on Greyhound race meetings was rescinded by committee due to damage.  A removable ramp, the club already has, is now being used between the canteen and bar to access the 6-10 vehicles onto the complex saving countless repair dollars. Greyhound president Tony Rasmussen has been terrific in assisting with the solution and both codes are working together to keep racing at the complex.


The old water truck with vandals breaking all windows some 3 months ago has been taken away by  insurance assessors after a claim to write the vehicle off was approved Many thanks to Strathalbyn Crash Repairs (Mark Wood) for all his assistance.


An exciting long term business plan has been developed and implemented by committee and already well under way with meetings with GRSA and council. Environ Arc CEO and committeeman Mike Galea has helped to drive the business plan all at no cost. The  committee will give full disclosure after the proposal gets full assessment from all concerned parties. Secretary Trevor Morgan having supplied committee with a projected budget up to the end of July 2016.


aOver the next few months sponsorship will be once again become a priority. Already supporting the club are Pizza Giovanni, Hopkins Saddlery, Horseman Floats, Jims Fencing, Hills & Murraylands Tile Roof Restorations. Modbury electrical & Batteries


The committee will hold before Xmas an on course BBQ for all members and will do so on a regular basis for the remainder of the 15/16 season keeping all members informed with the workings and finances of the club.


Committee of SHRC